About Geho

This is your Meditation Teacher:


Geho Gold has been studying and practicing meditation and healing for the past 45 years with Masters throughout the world.

She has been teaching workshops, classes, and offering private sessions to assist many people to transform their lives since 2008.

Geho is a Registered Nurse since 1989.  She has been a Critical Care Nurse, and has worked with the elderly in home care, has worked in Alternative Medicine, has managed nursing departments in Health Spas, and now works daily on-line with people throughout the USA, England, Austria, Germany, Hawaii, Australia, and India as a Spiritual Teacher and Healer.

As a nurse and a healer, Geho has come to the conclusion that meditation is a most beneficial way to assist people to become healthier and happier in their lives.  Geho has surmounted enormous trauma and health issues in her life, and she is dedicated to assist people in all walks of life to attain health and happiness.

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