Private Sessions with Geho Gold

Geho Gold has been a healer studying with Masters throughout the world for the past 45 years. She has now reached a Masters level in healing. She is also a Registered Nurse for over 30 years, and draws from the experience and knowledge she has gained in serving people from many cultures and with varied backgrounds, suffering from all kinds of difficulties in their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


Geho offers private sessions for:

- Physical Health

-Mental and Emotional Health

- Relationships

- The Spiritual Journey

- and more


Geho has been serving the people in many areas of Florida for the past 12 years offering in-person private sessions. She also holds Skype and telephone private sessions with people in countries and regions such as Hawaii, England, Germany, Austria, India, Australia, and other states in the USA.

You will take home a special practice especially tailored for you to assist you in your self- healing.

$125 per session

Each session is 90 minutes



1pm to 2:30 pm

2:30pm to 4pm

4pm to 5:30 pm



1pm to 2:30 pm

5pm to 6:30 pm



1pm to 2:30pm

3pm to 4:30 pm

Contact Geho at if you are interested in a private session.

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