"I had a 'Great' experience in meditation with the ‘Be healed within Meditation’group.

I am  not new to practicing meditation, however, I never seemed to be able to find the right teacher until a friend referred me to 'Be healed within Meditation'.

Now, I feel more in control of myself and my family has noticed a change in my attitude for the better.  I can hardly wait for the next class to start. There is no question that the ‘Be healed within Meditation’ is a   5-Star experience!"

Reverend ST 

​"I would recommend this class to everyone.  You will relax and experience deep rest.  The practice is soothing and stress relieving."


"I went to the meditation!  It was exquisite.  Didn’t want to open my eyes at the end, or get up.  Felt like I was in a cocoon of love.  Which I probably was."


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